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Please – Allow me to introduce myself…

Giving back to help others is my passion and in my latest book I share how you can overcome your past issues of childhood abuse issues that you struggle with,or, maybe you are not even aware of. Shatter Shame and SHINE ~ Transformational information and guidance for women who silently struggle with their issues of childhood abuse, pain or trauma, and those who think they are not~ is a book with a positive outlook and one where you will find gold – and that gold is the real YOU!

This book can help change your life!

This book can help change your life!

Shatter Shame and SHINE!

You can live on purpose for a purpose and not by default

…Because 45,000,000 women in the United States have been effected by childhood sexual abuse and other traumas ~ It seems more discussion and help needs to be appropriated and available to women (and men), given in a sophisticated, compassionate and intelligent manner.

If you feel life is hurting from your past issues of abuse and you no longer want to live a life of repeated victimization, mediocrity and self sabotaging beliefs (default) and you are ready to shine, then read on. You are in good company.

You will find understanding as to how to remove these barriers and start fulfilling your life’s purpose.  It is my desire that you are informed, and be educated in healing processes in order to transform your life. When taking in this precise and compassionate information you will begin to transcend the problems that keep you, subconsciously, chained to the past.

Change Your Aim Change Your Life is just that. When you change the aim (purpose) in your heart, soul, and mind, from the negative, self sabotaging ways, you will change your life for the better. You will learn how the brain and the subconscious react to abuse and trauma so as to reprogram your brain and belief systems to live the life you dream about.

With a combined 22 years experience of facilitating support groups, coaching and mentoring, I sought the answers that we all want to know; how to succeed and how to be the best we can be in life. I invested a lot of time and money getting the help I needed for the the childhood sexual abuse I experienced, and then continuing on in personal growth and development wanting the answers.
How can we thrive and find our true self in the midst of inner turmoil, inner pain, and false shame? My personal drama and trauma, betrayal and pain was a gift in my life in that I found myself at the end of the false me and looking into the eyes of my true self with love and grace.

The information is deep, intelligent, profound, confronting, caring, nurturing, educational, spiritual, and transformational. The content I share is mixed with many facets of information and is wrapped in newer cutting edge science, and anchored in love, grace and spirit. Consider it my honor to help you on your new journey to a joyful inner life that will bring outer successes.

It is my goal that a community is built of caring guided friendships that will last a lifetime.

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~~~~~~~What others are saying about Maryalice ~~~~~~~

*”Maryalice is a rising star in the field of success. You will love the insights she brings to the Personal Growth and Success Field.” Bill Quain P.h.D and best selling author

*”My first experience with Maryalice was being apart of her ‘Healing Heart’ group… I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect.  Maryalice brought such love, wisdom, caring and understanding to each session.  She walked me through my guilt, shame, and anger.  She genuinely cared about me and wanted me to experience freedom.  Today I can honestly say I worked through those issues and live a life of freedom.” D. Gaither, volunteer, wife, mother

*”Maryalice hast tremendous insight into people as she desires to see them embrace their full potential. Her strength is evident in the way she loves and cares for others. I have had the opportunity to know Maryalice for 20 years and have been blessed by her insight into my life.” J. Sutherland,  Real Estate,  wife, mother

*”Maryalice, what a God send to me at a time in my life when I truly believed that I was nothing but dirt and did not deserve to be alive… Maryalice mentored me, she was in charge of a group called “Healing Heart” …  She was so tender and loving and so courageous. Always so encouraging she kept reminding me how strong and beautiful I am and did not deserve all the bad. All this help and encouraging words from her made me see that I was not a victim. I am a survivor.  She helped me like me and love me…” D.  Schaeffer  (mother, retail business). 

*”I can’t begin to tell you how much Maryalice touched my life. She spent time and invested in me when I felt so damaged, broken and lost.  She opened her heart to me and I felt safe.” V, Sumner – Wife, mother, artist

*”Maryalice, was a hugely positive influence in my life for many years. She has been blessed with the gift of listening with not only her head but with her heart as well! She was always there to offer me advice full of wisdom and delivered with love. I would not be who I am today without her mentoring!”
Crystal A. Moore~ Crystal Moore Photography  wife and mother

*”Every new level of success requires a NEW YOU, and Maryalice Coleman helps you get that next level quickly.” Mike Litman- #1 best selling author of Conversations with Millionaires









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