Invest In Yourself ~ Let’s Work Together

You know in your heart that the time is now to start changing your negative, hurtful thoughts and limiting beliefs that a painful childhood produced for you.
Allow me to help you as I have helped so many others with this particular issue.
I will listen to your “story” and I will lean into your heart and thought process.
I will help guide you to transformation.

Investment plan:
Hourly $ 125
Four sessions $ 450
Eight Sessions $ 875
Workshop $ 450 per person (limit 16)

The workshop is interactive, personal, intimate and transformational. The topics cover all aspects of life and levels of being. We dig out the hidden shame in the subconscious and bring your inner aim back to full function to start living an authentic life ~ the way you are meant to be. SHINE!
Member of and in good standing of EXPERTS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION

For scheduling a seminar/workshop:

E-mail with pricing and questions:

Phone #888-546-0336

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