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Hello Gorgeous heart!
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Can you believe we are half way through February?
I want to share with you the series I recorded for you called “From Chance, To Change, To Take Charge!”
I am posting #5 here. When you watch the video it will go into the previous one automatically, when finished. I really want to help you understand the things that will help you live fully on purpose! You deserve it and you MATTER!
You can see and hear all the series here or go to Maryalicementor on youtube.
Wishing you a wonderful day filled with thoughts and action of true change!
Love to you!

Hello Friends!
We are head long into the new year and more questions come my way. I am creating a new video series for you to answer some of those questions! It’s called, From Chance, to Change to Take Charge! Here is the first video that is an intro to what to expect.
Sending you love and blessings!


I want to wish you a very wonderful and Merry Holiday Season. I love this time of year! Christmas is my favorite Holiday for many reasons. It is so wonderful to shop throughout the year (yes, I do that) and think of each person I am buying for or making something for and love on them and pray for them. It’s a delight to wrap and send gifts to my family. I have six sisters! I have four adult children and they have their families (I have five grandchildren). I become a mix of a little kid, an elf, and angel and Mrs Claus rolled into one. :-)
How do you approach the Holidays? Do you love it, or not so much?
You can write me and share at I would love to hear from you.
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Sending you love and joy this season!
Maryalice :-)

Oh my! It’s September already and here in the Pacific Northwest the leaves are changing!
They look beautiful and just beginning to turn bright red and orange. Kind of like us – we look beautiful and radiate when we are “on fire” or “in flow” or another way to put it -living out our passion… :-)
I happen to LOVE fall – What is your favorite season?
I am doing a 30 day video series on the Change Your Aim Change Your Life FB page and here is #15. You can go there and scroll up and down to see the rest. I would love your feedback, comments and questions! You can post on FB or Private Message me or email me at Your input is really important to me. I want to know where you struggle AND what you desire in life. I want you to get to where you are to where you want to be…
Here is video #15:

I wish you a wonderful day!
Blessings to you!

Summer is in full swing and for many, I can imagine, that means trips
to the pool, summer sports, ice cream breaks and more. I remember
when all four of my children were home for summer – I’d think
What to do? Where to go? How do I keep them all
entertained and active. Hmmmmm

Now that kids are home from school wondering what to do next,
we want to keep them from sitting too long at the computer, TV, or
texting and gaming on their electronic devices.
Not an easy task. And it may be tempting to allow it just to give
yourself some peace and quiet. (I get that!) :-)
We may, then, send them out to play or off to a friend’s house.

Just be mindful of these stats. One of four girls and one of
six boys are sexually assaulted in the U.S. alone.
This is important to know and understand. I know this –
I was a statistic.
There is no respecter of class or person -it happens across the
board. It usually is someone a child knows.

It is important to keep our children active, learning and enjoying
summer. It is also important to keep a close watch over them,
especially at times when they are vulnerable and
have more time on their hands then they know what to do with.
Make sure you know where they are.

Know well whom they are with.
I am not wanting to create worry where there is none, but it is wise
to make sure that your children or children you may know are not
being lured or seduced into an abusive situation.
Remember – it’s usually someone the child knows and has been trusting
who can be the perpetrator.
Just keep this information in your stack of wisdom notes.
Trust your intuition and also the intuition of the child.

I say this, NOT TO ALARM, but to empower you and your child. I share
because I really do care!!

Be safe and enjoy a happy Fourth of July and beyond!
Have wonderful, fun, and safe summer!

Blessings to you and yours!


Or is it? Here is Video #2 discussing Esteem of self esteem. I give a twist to it though.
Tell me what your thoughts are on this subject. Love to hear from you!

Self Esteem!
What do you think about Self Esteem? Here is video #1 discussing the “self” of self esteem. Video on “esteem” will follow. Sit your “self” down and watch :-)


Happy New year! “Thank you” from me to you! And here’s a way to help you achieve some of your goals for this year. I am here to cheer you on!


Series Finale! Talking about Action. I go over all the subjects we discussed in order to change our thinking and feelings to more productive and positive ones, starting with Awareness, then on to Acknowledge, in order to Allow for new information to be taken in… WE saw ourselves as in a movie – with lights, camera and now – ACTION! Let me know your questions or thoughts on this series. I will be glad to answer questions and read your comments.


Video #6 in the series of changing negative thoughts and feelings into more positive productive ones. lights! – CAMERA! – action!
The sound sinc is still off and I apologize (fifth try to correct this).


Hello Everyone! Here is video #5 in our series on changing thoughts and feelings to positive healthy ones. This video is titled “Lights, Camera, Action!” I am focused on the “light” subject in this video. If you missed 1-4 videos – scroll down and find the ones you want to view.


Hello! I am delighted you are back here and ready for Video #4b ACTION!
This Four minute video recaps what it takes to get ready for the action steps you want to take.
Thank you for being here please leave a reply on youtube, or FB or on the “ABOUT Maryalice” Page.


Hello! Onward and upward! Here is video #4 (part A) in the series on feelings and emotions.
Discussing the beauty of the contrast that resides in us.

Here is Video #3 in the series about Changing destructive thoughts and feelings. The audio did not sinc well and is “off” but the message comes though loud and clear!
Blessings to all of you!


Video blog giving foundation to the information of how to change negative, hurtful habitual thinking and feeling. This is part one:

Thank you for the feedback as to what your choices of topics you want to hear on upcoming videos.
This video is about the feed back and a story about being a blessing and being blessed in return.


As simple as reflection over time we can sort through what is important and what can wait…
A private video I am sharing. This is not on public Youtube.
Have a great day!


Needing to turn negative energy into positive energy? Its simple! Stop resisting…
Listen in on this 2 1/2 minute video just for you! Part two video is below the part one.

Here is the rest of the message – just another two minutes or so…

HELLO wonderful people! What do you do when you don’t know what to do about something you can’t change? This little video will help give an answer to that question. Wayne Dyer once said “When you change the way the look at things, the things you look at change.” It’s true!
Enjoy the video… Leave a comment.



Here is a spontaneous post! I decided to share a thought I had during my work out. See if this message gets you out of your uncomfortable comfort zone :-) And isnt’ that thumbnail pics so “darling?” LOL


Hi Everyone! Here is the video I promised on the previous blog regarding emotional pain being our friend (if we pay attention to it). Feel free to leave a comment here or where ever this video appears for you!


Hello and Great day to you!
I want to share something with you that may put into perspective the emotional pain we feel in our lives, in regard to memories, anxiety, sad feelings, of past childhood hurt, trauma, or abuse. Many people do not want to visit that part of their lives in therapy or sharing with a trusted friend. I asked, at one time, as thousands of others have, “why do I have to go back and revisit the pain or trauma of those events in my childhood?” It’s something we are trying to avoid. We want to put it all away and think that all is well. But if you know me and have watched any of the videos I have, you understand that pain is really our teacher. Pain is a guide for where we need to bring healing to our bodies, hearts and souls.
There are different reactions to childhood memories. They get locked in our subconscious and one person may commit to “never feeling any pain again.” So they grow up being hard shelled, tough, being on the look out for any (false) “attacks,” and be on the defensive. The outcome of this is that one may not feel pain, but they do not feel much else either; the good is locked away as well.
Another response to childhood trauma is to succumb to those feelings and decide in order to not confront there past pain, they, instead, become the consummate victim wanting everyone and everybody to take care them but falling prey to those who use them. These are extreme examples and there is a varying degree of reactions, but the truth remains that the pain wins out making people constant victims over and over. Pain will attract pain in life. What we want is to rise above that old stuff, use it as a solid rock of a platform to stand on instead of the sinking sand that pulls you in over and over. We want the good in us to attract more good.
It is a real struggle to constantly push emotional pain away. It takes a lot of energy and the mind set is to blame everyone around us, or in office, for the results of that victim thinking in your life. We tend to project that pain onto the outside (person, place, or thing) instead of where it really resides. Often times, people will fall prey to relationships that are hurtful, dismissive, abusive, and/or disconnected. This will happen repeatedly until their pain sheds light on their real problem – Lack of self love, low self worth, little self respect, no self growth, and stays with a victim mindset.
There are so many issues and insights into our inner pain. It really is a gift. I will be talking about this issue in my next video. I want to give you more understanding, information, insight and even great compassion for yourselves, when we really embrace pain as our teacher. “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.” Most of our suffering is a result of our thoughts.
When we do not pay attention to or ignore the emotional pain within, it still lingers there, deep within. It will pop up in our bodies as disease, aches, and migraines. It will show through in our emotions, as depression, anxiety, fear, and worry. It will be evident in the way we think and believe about any and all things, casting a dark and mistrusting veil on our world view.
The shame of pain and the pain of shame go hand in hand. One reason we do not confront our past is that we are ashamed of the (false) shame. We do not know where to go to be safe in our sharing or find the right information to help change our thoughts and feelings. For these reasons and more, is why I created Change Your Aim Change Your Life, with informative videos, the upcoming workshop and my soon to be released book, Shatter Shame and Shine. It is to allow for a safe and confidential trusting and loving atmosphere to learn, grow and thrive in this life. Not be a just a survivor, but to THRIVE and love the life you have!
Enjoy your day. Do something special for someone, and for yourself!
Sending love –


A very happy happy new year to you and a new message of love, giving and receiving…


WATCH! I have a message for you! I am ever so grateful for YOU! PLEASE SHARE!!


Hello all! Welcome!
New Vlog for you discussing the deep desire for change and making a shift deep within because we know that we know that we know it’s time!


When you squeeze an orange you get orange juice because that’s what’s inside. The very same principle is true about us. When someone squeezes you–puts pressure on
you–what comes out is what’s inside. And if you don’t like what’s inside you can change it by changing your thoughts. -Wayne Dyer
PROV. 23:7 “As he THINKS in his heart, so he is…”
I would add in depth that what we think AND believe about ourselves is vital and usually those thoughts are subconscious… Not always right under our nose to understand.
We start a diet (for ex) and then revert back to default mode (what the subconscious has you believing) in about a weeks time. Even the apostle Paul wrote:
New International Version (©1984) Rom 7:15
“I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” We can all relate to that message! It can even feel defeating. Usually fear and shame are behind our false thinking and belief systems about ourselves.
Paul didn’t understand and we didn’t either until recently that the subconscious has great power over our lives unless we master it and understand how… And that’s with our thoughts and training… Changing our aim!
We now know (quite clearly) about our galaxy and that the earth revolves around the sun etc… Centuries ago it was abhorrent upon torture to say or believe such things. There were false fears about believing such things and surrounded by superstitions and all the while placing scripture on it. Man was very egocentric in his thinking (still is).
We know better now with the great brain we are given and the mind to learn and grow with. Our thoughts are vital to how we believe about ourselves, others, God, and our own success in life. Be aware of what you say to yourself about yourself and about others… Just take note and surround thoughts with love and possibilities, not judgment and criticism. We are magnificent beings… Believe it!
There are many quotes about “positive thinking” but here’s a favorite of mine: Phillipians 4:8 “whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” There really is a reason for great thinking! It is all connected… we are all connected. When we hurt someone – we hurt ourselves – when we judge someone – we judge ourselves… Allow love to REALLY TRULY be your guide in thoughts and behavior. Love can even say NO for the good of all. You do not have to be a door mat or a people pleaser. We just need to think better with more freshness and lightheartedness.
Blessings friends!
With love –

VLOG! Sharing personal news and a lesson about the elephant NOT in the room…

So… Here I am in Portland OR. I am staying with my oldest daughter, her husband and my sweet two year old grandson. My younger daughter is here as well. She moved from Kansas City MO to live in Portland, also. We are all here under one roof, and it is a blessing we all get along and love each other.

So, why I am still here even though I have found place to live and have started renting it two weeks ago? Well The movers decided to delay my move another two weeks. Whatever reason they give me is not good enough, but truth is, there isn’t much I can do. Moving companies hold people’s furnishings hostage all the time. It’s not regulated. I trust they will get up here from Denver very soon. The process is not under my control and I need to surrender it. Kind of maddening, wouldn’t you say? Or is it?

I have a choice to make. Be really upset, fuss and fume, and remain uptight and agitated or breathe deeply, think twice, and know that everything happens for a reason and usually for my benefit. It is frustrating, and I am very eager to, not only, get settled, but feel settled.
You see, taking risks, moving forward in life, and planning does not mean there are not set backs. Instead of those disappointments flowing right to the old victim mind set and feelings, we can choose to not allow it to penetrate. No reason to get caught up in old habits of thinking and feeling. I am still learning to roll with the punches (as they say).

I am also anxious to get another VLOG to you. I have next to me on the night stand, an old Raggedy Ann doll. There is a reason for it and I will tell you in the next video. It’s been hectic here and many new obligations to take care of, not to mention, lack of privacy to accomplish a video, but I have an idea! It just might work! :-)

Another thing that I look forward to doing is revamping this website, to update the welcome page and yet continue help women letting them know they are not alone in their search for better understanding for a more peaceful and successful life within – to once and for all rid the old and hidden problematic feelings of self doubt and victim mindset that still sits in the subconscious from childhood pain, trauma or abuse…

You are loved and cherished – but not more by anyone then you do yourself!

Please share with me how you are doing, what questions you may have as well.


Hello Everyone!
I just watched the last vlog I posted a while ago. I said that I would share with you the “project” I was working on. Well, as weeks turned in to months I realize I did not faithfully post as I desired.
Here’s what I wanted to share:
In the New year it was intuitively brought to my attention to move – to sell my home and move.
I had to check and recheck that intuitive process. It was an inner thought and feeling that would not go away.

Have you had those moments in life when all things lined up in life, ie, everything you happened to read, or over hear, or lyrics in songs you happen upon all have the same theme? For me it was “moving,” “flow,” growth, downsize, “newness,” and other key words and phrases that continuously came up over and over again. I finally listened. I even received realtor’s post cards and listings that were sent as marketing tools. There was one in particular that I read and then happened to throw away. Immediately there was a feeling (knowing) to retrieve that post card from the trash. I did so and put aside.

A month later, I finally decided it was time to investigate moving. I called the realtor and asked to interview her about selling my home. We made an appointment for a few days later.
When she came to my home she came completely prepared with related comps in my area and other important information to know.
I was duly impressed and learned a lot. BUT it wasn’t for another two months before I felt at peace to sell. I was even packing up things before I had made up my mind, but just KNEW and had a strong a feeling it was something I was supposed to do.
I called the realtor and she came over on a Monday in May, then I signed papers with her on Thursday. My house sold on Sunday nearly full price and a bonus. IN THREE DAYS, my house sold!

When the time is right, and we are in “flow” doing what we are supposed to do, all things line up and proceed to happen as they should. Just like this transaction…

I had a 60 day escrow which was perfect for both the buyer and myself. The buyer bought many things from me regarding the house. The realtor mentioned several times that as long as she has been in business she has never had a transaction be as perfect and go as smoothly as mine had gone. Even the inspection was near perfect.

Here is where things become a little “mysterious.” I am writing this blog from Portland OR, which is where i moved to from Colorado. I had San Diego as a target but for reasons I shall not go into at this time, I am here in Portland OR.

I went from a 3000 Square foot gorgeous home to my oldest daughter’s air mattress in her office in her (and her family’s) home in Portland. My things are in storage and my life is on a new journey. To be uprooted from comfort and security to the unknown is a bit scary. But I knew it is was necessary. I needed to, physically, get out of my comfort zone. I LOVED my home ever so much and even acquiring it is an amazing story in and of itself. But knowing GOD/the Divine infinite is eternally abundant and we share in that abundance, I knew that my home was not the only “dream home” out there and that moving toward my goals, I needed to move.
I dare to keep dreaming… I want that for you too. I am taking on faith, big time (as they say) and desiring to pursue my dream.

I am doing what I teach and talk about – and that is to keep growing, keep learning and keep taking calculated risks to create and achieve the goals that make dreams happen.

As I get settled in this new uncharted territory, I will create the life and work that is within me and that I desire. I will make it happen to the best of my ability. I am where I need to be…
And the next chapter of life will be written like a book…


New Vlog! Talking about the subconscious and comparing it to an iceberg…
Learn where all your habits and negative thoughts live!

Greetings on this fine day! I trust you are making life work well for you.
I just want to share a thought I had the other day while I was outside weeding. Here in Colorado the weeds grow fast and furious and they seem to have trunks – not stems! There were many many knee high weeds I needed to pull.
Pulling them just broke it off at the ground and the root was still embedded in the dirt – only to be ready to grow back another weed. When this happened I had a flash of insight. There is an analogy here! When we use “will power” or just “happy thoughts” to change a deep rooted behavior or habit, it will work for a while until the old habit comes back full force like a new weed growing. We only pulled the top layer of the behavior or habit, or even negative thinking.
You see – With stress, tiredness, hunger, certain emotions will act as a fertilizer for a new weed to grow. We know life is full of those moments.

I have changed so many things in my life, so many thoughts and habits and behaviors, but I still struggle with a few things that bother me. These things are deep rooted. They are knee high “weeds” of the mind, or “bad” habits.
So… As I was working at trying to pull these weeds up from the roots, I tried different things. You know what worked? Grabbing the “trunk” with gloves on, at ground level and twisting it – twisting, twisting and twisting some more in one direction until, viola, that sucker popped right out!!! WOW! Each twist loosened the root.

With deep rooted issues that are not easy to “just get over,” or habits that are hard to stop, we need to get down to the ground level of the issue, hold it firmly, and twist it one way, and keep twisting until a new habit or thought is formed. Each twist is represented by a new thought or behavior we choose to form. AND that loosens the old one. Before you know it that sucker is out of there!
Each positive thought or behavior we replace with the old on a consistent basis, develops new connections and neuro-path ways in the brain replacing the old ones
Understanding that our minds are plastic and new neuro-pathways can form – we have the power to change with practice. Every time a negative or critical thought about yourself or someone else comes to the surface, QUICKLY change it with two or three wonderful thoughts, blessings, thoughts of forgiveness (even if you don’t feel like it) and twist the negative, critical thought to weaken it’s root. Keep twisting (keep practicing). Judgmental thoughts and feelings about yourself, as to whether you did it right or remembered, are not allowed! Be consistent and it will change.
If it’s a habit of, let’s say, overeating, Quickly stop and replace it with a new motion of movement of walking, dancing, singing, swimming, writing, swaying, knitting, chewing gum, anything to slowly twist that “bad” habit loose from the root up.

People who are in recovery from alcohol or drugs know a format of life called the 12 steps that has helped them twist the root of addiction loose by following the steps and by accountability with a sponsor. If you do not know the 12 steps, look them up and exchange the word “alcohol” with what you feel obsessed about or addicted to.

We can read books, find mentors, friendships, counselors or therapists to help us twist twist and twist some more the root of the problem until it’s pulled out (so to speak) and new thoughts and habits are formed. Try Tapping, EFT, and/or NLP. (things for you to look up). All are great at helping interrupt the old patterns.

Don’t let the weeds of your life keep growing – and best not to use chemicals (drugs for self medication) to try to kill them, they don’t die and just get much worse. Get the help for yourself that works best. Small weeds only need a slight pull, other weeds need to be dug out (addiction), and most (self sabotaging beliefs, etc) need twisting once, twice or even ten times, to loosen the root.

I do not mean for this to sound simplistic – Weeding is hard work, especially when there are a lot of them to deal with, so too is change – changing our aim. It can be done, is worth the effort and from it is created a better, smarter, healthier, happier, YOU! What happens when you are better, smarter, healthier, and happier? Spiritual growth occurs and a better understanding of who you are emerges and that equals living the life you love…
Change Your Aim – Change Your Life!
Blessings to you!


A new video for you! A wonderful story about an elephant and how it ended in the circus… Listen to the story and see how we relate!

Please leave a comment! Thanks for watching!

Hello All!
I want to write a quick blog today to give an update.
It’s been very busy for me the past few months and it is the “all good” kind of busy. I am home for awhile now (at least for the next week) so I want to share what’s going on.
I plan to get another quick video done and Vlogged for you soon. I have had an annoying dry cough for six weeks, but that is subsiding so I can now speak without coughing.
I will be sharing with you in the video about the life of an elephant and how that elephant shares and incredible experience not unlike our own. CHAINS that hold us back!
Please remember that you are NOT your past. I will keep reminding you. You are not even the same person from last week. We will continue to work on those crusty crowded crazy memories from the past that some how keep you believing that you are no good, or still a victim, or not “enough.” That was a different person… Think about who you really are and what you really want to do or be!!
Blessings to you!


Just want to tell you today that you matter and you are so important. There is no room in this marvelous world for negative thoughts about yourself. We were programmed through hurt, pain and abuse on a consistent basis to think poorly of ourselves by unenlightened people, no matter who they were.
Once we focus on the right instead of the wrong – once we forgive – once we see the bigger picture, we shed the hidden shame, and we see the true self move to the head of the line!

I have had the privilege to help many women to regain their authentic self. I had to do it myself, sometimes, the hard way. There is much to know and learn that will move you forward in life and I desire to pass this info on to you.
I am planning a big launch of the group support seminar event in the LA and or Denver area soon. I would love for you to consider joining me. More info to follow on that!
When we regain our authentic selves, it only brings on a better life, more content life, a more successful life… What does that mean to you? Let me know… Share your thoughts with me on the comments line.
Love to you today!

Video teaching #2 for you! Regarding the heart of life and how to course correct our aim. Our thoughts and hidden belief systems can depress our inner aim for success. We can make changes and raise that aim by ridding the hidden shame that lives in the subconscious.

Teaching and training for you! This is great information for all of us to have regarding our Minds, and how we establish our belief systems about ourselves, the world, other people, faith, etc, especially for those who suffered childhood abuse or trauma. Watch this and the following videos to come to get started becoming aware of what will get you from where you are to where you want to be in life.

New year message! Happy 2012 to all of us! Blessings to you!

Holiday message! Blessings to you! Pay attention to the teaching as well as the greeting!

New video!! Great info and checking in with you:

Part 2 – Make your life work for you!

When we consider that nearly 30% of women alone in this country are victims of childhood abuse/trauma/bullying (in any category) creates a nation of millions of women walking around with open wounds in their psyche, hearts, and souls.  It doesn’t matter as to what outer, seemingly, success that is attained, their inner pain is evident in their self sabotaging beliefs, thinking and behaviors that are present in their lives.  This is a complex issue to confront.

You have heard me say that the pain of carrying around childhood  abuse issues never goes away unless looked at and dealt with.  And just like you there was a time in my life when I said “Why look at that – the past – it’s over and done with,” with a feeling of “shame” luring in my psyche.  Looking back, hind sight is 20/20 and I know for sure that it is vital that I walk out of the phantom chains of shame that held me back.

How do those “chains” hold back our aim for a great life?  By keeping us in a mind set that is victim oriented, blaming everything and everyone for what goes wrong in life, painful memories, over achieving, under achieving, being angry, being compliant, codependency, problems with excess or addiction, and the list goes on.  We have trouble in relationships, looking for approval and acceptance from others, question our abilities, hard press to find our talents…  Need I say more?

When we address these issues, when we really dig deep to unearth these phantom chains, we see that we can really walk away from them.  You see, the shame takes on a life of its own that wreaks havoc on our lives more so then the abusive event in many cases.   My work has been to accumulate as much information as possible to help others as well as myself to break free from the false invisible jail cell that you think or feel you are in.   It’s really not there!  It is what your mind is telling you is there because that is all you have known.  BUT  – Let it be known, right now, that you are free –  you have permission to be who you are meant to be.  I hope, pray and desire to be a mouthpiece for adult victims in order that you will know that you are free from the past. There is a pure spiritual awareness in this understanding.

It takes understanding, knowledge, skill and practicing changing our thinking patterns, and that is great news!  You see, we have understood, in part or mostly, the bad things about ourselves and allowed it to show up in ways that hurt us.  We have expended time and energy for years in low self esteem, little self worth, and executing those beliefs in self sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.

NOW is the time to change over a new habit, beliefs and behaviors.  Spend that mental time and energy creating the life you want! Step by step you can do this!  Thousands of women (and men) have changed over their lives to a better, healthier, more successful life just by changing their thoughts.  This is what I teach in my seminar, but I want to give you some helpful information that will spur you forward.

Never Never Never Never give up!  I believe in you!  You can change your aim and it is easier then you think.  It starts with taking 100% responsibility for yourself.   Start with baby steps…

My next blog will be on how affirmations help change your brain to set new positive neuro pathways and starve the old negative ones.  Stay tuned!


Make Life Work For You!

I am pretty passionate about the subject of “aim” and where we are aiming as people, the human race.  Where your thoughts are that is where your aim is headed.  So, what are your thoughts?

Many people have self sabotaging thoughts and beliefs and they are so deep rooted they are not aware that they are there, yet they live their days with anxiety, worry, regret, blame, fear and doubt.  They feed those thoughts by watching and reading “doom and gloom” news reports, and then think “You see? Everything is awful,”  trying to confirm and making it “feel” like that they are victims to the world.  What a pitiful way to live and think.  Oh my!  Being sold a bill of false goods is horrific! It cheats us out of every God given human potential we have.  Do not spend one more minute on the lies that are forced fed you by anyone – the media, family, neighbors, friends and even toxic religious beliefs.

If you eat poison – you get poisoned.  If you think awful things, you get awful things.  That is just the way it is!  It is a universal law.  Even Jesus spoke “As a man thinks, so he is.” If you were brought up in a household where the air was thick with tension, and most of the input around you were adults talking about the negative aspects of life, jobs, and money, then you took on (unbeknownst to you) the very negativity of others. It is their beliefs, habits and self sabotaging behaviors that entered your subconscious.  This is called “living by default.”  If you add on abuse of any kind, physical, sexual, verbal, mental and psychological abuse, then the subconscious is riddled with hidden shame that is holding down your innate aim to thrive with positivity and success.  Abuse causes us to act defensively, live distrustfully, or overly trusting the wrong people, think, live, and act like a victim, and not take responsibility for your own life so you can live On Purpose!  :-)

That’s what we want!  To live on purpose!

We were not meant to be living in such negativity.  Think about that – our lives are meant to be growing in a positive foundation with great dreams and aspirations to achieve.  And do you want to know the good news?  The negative can turn to positive as soon as you decide to make it happen!  Yes!  It’s true!  If what you think comes to be then why not look for, read about, think about, and feel positive?  It takes practice, and negative habits take time to break, but you can start right now.

First things are first though, you need to identify the pain and shame that is holding down your aim for a great life.  There are many ways to do this (I can help with this).  But this does not mean that you have to wait to do the next step which is commit to Not watching the news, Not reading doom gloom, put down the video games of war or any other type of game that is making the mind “mush,” and start reading positive news articles (google them).  Success magazine is a really good source, national geographic shares the beauty and richness of the earth, faith based books help build us spiritually, find positive people and hang around them, read  or listen to biographies of great people who started out with disadvantages and made a great life for themselves.

We need not feel sorry for ourselves.  That gets us no where.  That is a victim mindset. Instead – start by what is helpful which is to write down as many things you can think of that you are truly grateful for.   Starting with each breath you take, holding a pen, knowing how to write, family, friends, your brain, your mind, the love you hold in your heart, knowing you are deeply loved by God…  so many things!  Keep that list going and read it every day and add to it…

Start now to concentrate on positive things.  My next blog will be about how to change your aim and raise it toward the dreams you have and want to aspire to.  Learning to take steps in order to live on purpose.  You can do it, you know – you really can!

2 Responses to Blog and Vlog – Make life work for you

  1. Jim Docking says:

    You are definitely on the right track. You can’t afford the luxury of even one negative thought. A worrisome thought is like an embryo, it starts small but grows & grows. Soon it takes on a life of its own. By controlling the thoughts that you think & the way you respond to the events in your life, you begin to control your destiny.
    What you think you create
    What you feel you attract
    What you imagine you become
    Regards Jim

  2. Royal Kremen says:

    As being a Newcomer, I’m frequently looking for well written articles that can assist me . Many thanks

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